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Wedding dance


For your consideration Attitude Entertainment offers elegant enhancements to further customize your DJ, Sound, Lighting, and Event Planning package

Wedding Reception Uplighting - Attitude Entertainment


Uplighting is a simple yet elegant way to create the perfect ambience. Uplighting can be placed around the perimeter of the room to add a sophisticated warmth and to coordinate with and enhance the colors of your event.

Please contact us to inquire about creative uses for uplighting at your event.

Dancing On A Cloud

The Dancing On A Cloud effect is a wonderful way to create that dreamy, happily-ever-after in a land far, far away magical moment on your special day. It can be used for all sorts of events, including wedding first dances.  The low-lying fog stays close to the ground to produce the effect of dancing on top of the clouds for your special dance.

First Dance Wedding Reception Dancing on a Cloud - Attitude Entertainment
Custom Monograms for Weddings, Corporate Event, Party - Attitude Entertainment

Custom Monograms

A custom monogram is an excellent way to recognize the guests of honor.  Project their names or custom image through the light and onto the dance floor or walls of your venue. Custom monograms are also an excellent addition to corporate, school, and private events.

Automated Lighting

Automated lighting provides the nightclub effect to your dancefloor and venue.  The lighting can be set to provide simple static scenes, washing the room with your favorites colors. It can also be allowed to pulse rhythmically to the beat. Depending on the type of event and venue, automated lighting can either be pre-programmed to "listen" to the music, can be computer synchronized to dance to the music, or can be operated by a lighting technician present at the event to provide additional amazing effects like a spotlight for your important dances or special entrances.


Automated Dance Floor Lighting - Attitude Entertainment
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